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My name is Cecilie L. Hjortland also called Miss Hjortland by some, hence the name and logo.
(Frk or Frøken is short for Miss in Norwegian and my name is easiest pronounced Cecilia).

I have over 20 years of experience as Marketing Manager and as Digital Manager for several large, Norwegian and international brands. My experience extends widely from the grocery trade (FMCG), the fish industry, broadcast, health, shipping, electricity, beauty, mental health, fashion to coaching and technology.

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Ms. Hjortland or Frk Hjortland was founded because I saw that there was a need from so many to get help with marketing, both small and medium-sized companies. I got many questions about everything from strategy, profile and branding, graphic design, photography, video, social media, planning, tools, analysis etc. And a recurring theme that always arises, finding the right tools to be able to help oneself, to bring about effective collaboration across the board.


So with my burning commitment to try to make the internet a more beautiful place and also help small businesses to become more visible and self-reliant, I created Ms. Hjortland. Having the opportunity to hire your own full-time marketer is not for everyone, and not everyone needs someone full-time either, they just need help in some specific areas. This is where my expertise comes in and where I can help!


Hire me as your own Marketing Manager / Digital Manager/ CMO on an hourly basis, project, or engagement. I am flexible and adapt to your scope and needs. If you get in touch, feel free to write what you need help with. After working with marketing, branding and communication for so many years, I know what it takes to succeed! I have built several large and small brands in digital and social media and know what it takes to create engaging and good content, and at the same time what one should think about to build a solid brand. I have built several brands social channels from 0 to 30.000 followers on Facebook and have the same results from Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


I have extensive experience around tools / products such as; Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects; Premiere Pro, etc.), EPI Server, and other publishing tools (Wix, EditorX, Wordpress, Webflow, Squarespace, etc.). Social tools such as Sproutsocial, Falcon, Plann, Planoly and Iqonosquare. Google's countless tools; Analytics, Adwords / Ads, Tag Manager, Trends, Data studio m.m. I have also worked extensively with CRM, lead generation and inbound marketing through HubSpot, and I am also familiar with Salesforce and other alternatives on the market.


Do you feel that you need help marketing yourself and your business? Do you need someone who knows marketing, without you having to hire them full time? Do you feel that you need someone to talk things through with? Or are you wondering how you can get your business to create more leads and get more customers? Or are you completely in the starting pit and "only" need a logo and profile?


Contact me! I am happy to help you and together we will find the best solution to your needs!


I can't wait to hear from you!

Some of my clients:

Espen Gabrielsen

Viking Maritime

Ina Rasdal

Senit AS



I look forward to hearing from you!  |  Tel: +47 958 33 465

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Thank you for your message. I will get back to you shortly!

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